Marietta Publishing was founded in January of 1996 by prize-winning author Bruce Gehweiler. The publishing house has been honored with the 2007 Dream Realm Award for Best Anthology and the 2009 Eppie Award for Best Anthology. It has also been nominated for a Bram Stoker Award. Marietta books have appeared on the Amazon Bestseller list five times with such hits as Bad-Ass Faeries I & II, Breach the Hull, Four and Twenty Blackbirds, and The Occult Detectives of C.J. Henderson.

Starting out as a chapbook (booklet) publisher of horror, Marietta Publishing eventually moved into other genres including mysteries, science fiction and fantasy. With the publication of an illustrated hardcover titled New Mythos Legends in 1999, Marietta officially became a book publisher. Marietta would go on to publish three other hardcover books: Breach the HullBreaking into Fiction Writing!, and Warfear, A Collection of Strange War Tales.

The trade paperback line was founded in 2001 and became the sales backbone of the business with such standouts as The Things That Are Not There, What You Pay For, The Reign of the Dragon Lord, The Supernatural Investigators of C.J. Henderson, To Battle Beyond, Wicca Girl, Hellfire Lounge, Hear Them Roar, Last Resort, and Lai Wan among others.

An e-book line was started in 2007 with ever-increasing sales as more readers embrace e-reading digital platforms in the marketplace. Marietta Publishing immediately was recognized with two national e-book Awards in 2007 and 2009 thanks to the work of editors Mike McPhail and Danielle Ackley-McPhail. (The Dream Realm Award for Breach the Hull and the Eppie Award for Bad-Ass Faeries II.)

After a severe extended illness that almost forced him out of the business, publisher Bruce Gehweiler came roaring back in 2010 with more emphasis on marketing and promoting authors and books. Today Marietta Publishing has fully stepped into the realm of multi-media publishing. New products such as the online magazine “C.J. Henderson’s Fantasy Magazine” are aimed at creating a loyal fan base for the veteran writer and other Marietta Publishing authors as well.

As Marietta Publishing forges ahead it will continue to keep one thing in mind above everything else. Creating quality fiction and non-fiction products are the only way to keep readers coming back. Without satisfied readers, Marietta Publishing will not exist.